January 2010





ADDRESS          Sjögatan 9, 260 40 Viken, Sweden

Telephone & Fax: +46 42 23 60 46

Mobile: +46 73 999 3000

E-mail: sverre.strom-olsen@sso.se


SUMMARY       I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind and enjoy leading people and doing business. During some twenty years I have worked with information technology and information system solutions. I have gained experience from mainly sales and management positions. I have international managerial and sales experience including temporary assignments in most western European countries and residential periods in USA, Germany and Russia. I have good technical and financial understanding and experience from healthcare, retail, logistics/wholesale and merger & acquisition industries. I hold two master degrees, one in science and one in business administration.


OBJECTIVE      I enjoy working in roles where I manage business in growth. I like to work with sales, develop business opportunities and establish new markets.





TIETO, Feb 2007 –

                             Tieto, formerly TietoEnator, is a large IT services company primarily acting on the Nordic market.


Director / Head of Sales & Marketing, Tieto Healthcare Scandinavia

I am responsible for sales and marketing & communication in Scandinavia. I and my sales teams in SE, DK & NO win around 300 sales cases to a value of about 35 M€ in 2009.


Director iHIS, TietoEnator Healthcare Scandinavia

Heading the iHIS unit. My unit (personnel located  in SE, DK, NO and India) handled development, product management, project management, pre-sales and support. I had P&L responsibility for the unit.


Manager, Provisio product business at TietoEnator Healthcare Scandinavia

My initial assignment was to incorporate Provisio into TietoEnator and to manage this business.



                             Board of Directors

Impentab specialize in mergers and acquisitions. Impentab represents BCMS in Scandinavia. BCMS is one of the leading M&A companies  in Europe.


PROVISIO AB, April 2003 – Feb 2007

                             Founder, partner and CEO

Provisio developed software products for hospitals. Three years after start-up we were one of the leading suppliers of software in our niche. We established the company and built it without external capital. The business developed fine and the last financial year profits exceeded 40%. I focused my efforts on growing the business through sales and marketing activities, the first couple of years in Sweden and the last year mainly international. We sold the company to TietoEnator in February 2007.

TV news broadcast about Provisio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BspiDflUeQA


ORDER HEMELEKTRONIK AB, Dec 2000 - April 2003

Vice president, Business Area Director

Order is a wholesaler (B2B) of home electronics with a turnover of 120 M€ per year and 80 employees (2002). Order was a rapid growing company and awarded Gasell. There are a few large accounts and many small customers. The margins are low and efficiency is key.


I had operational responsibility for the company and represented Order in the Resurs Group corporate management team. The group consists of Order, Resurs Bank AB (financial services), Solid Försäkring AB (insurance) and companies dealing with call-center services and  real-estate.


I had P&L responsibility for BA Telecom with sales of one billion SEK per year. Personnel responsibility for the units working with sales, procurement, IT, logistics and economy. Board of directors member of daughter company and of cellphone industry organization.


I worked with sales to the large accounts and business development and operations. During my period, the company had a fine development with growing figures. I won three new large clients/contracts. I got a large retailer as customer for Nokia cell phones with sales worth 100 million SEK per year. I got a B2B retailer as customer for all brands of cell phones and a logistics solution with sales worth 60 million SEK per year. 



During the years I have started some different projects and businesses on my spare time. One of the projects has developed into a profitable E-business that my wife is now taking care of.


IKEA, March 1994 – Dec 2000

Senior Project Manager 1998 - 2000

I worked as one of five project managers with establishing IKEA in Russia. A couple of the project managers were old IKEA profiles with long build-up experience. IKEA:s ex CEO Anders Moberg and founder Ingvar Kamprad are personally part of the Russia project’s board. During a couple of years I get the opportunity to work closely with and learn from some very inspiring and colorful people. I manage fifty persons organized in seven teams and based in five different countries. 


In parallel I was line manager with personnel responsibility for some project managers and member of some management boards.


IT Manager Northern Europe 1997 - 1998

I was responsible for a unit delivering IT services to IKEA in seven European countries. Line manager of around 20 staff and budget responsibility for the unit.


Project Manager 1994 – 1996

Quite international work. Managed three IT projects. First local, second with European team and third with three global teams.


TETRA PAK 1991 - 1994

Systems Engineer

IT related work in Sweden and Chicago, USA.


OWN BUSINESS 1986 - 1991

Salesman / consultant (Sverres Data och Elektronik)

I started my first company when I was 19 years old and still in high school. I continued to run the business during my university years in Lund. I sold home-made computers and did system development for small companies.




·         Impentab AB (2007-)
Merger & acquisition specialist

·         Snabla AB (2007-)
Private investment company

·         Indusec AB (2008)

·         Provisio AB (2003-2007)

·         Champion Radio AB (2000-2003)
A subsidiary of Order Hemelektronik AB.

·         MTB MobilTele Branschen AB (2000-2003)
Telecom line of business organization





STUDIES                        Gävle Högskola, MBA e-business (2003-07)

                                                          Lunds Universitet, Business Economics Faculty (1991)

Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Electrical Engineering (1987-91)


QUALIFICATIONS                      MSc (link to diploma)

MBA (link to diploma)





                                                          BCMS, merger & acquisitions training (2010)

                                                          IMF, Stockholm School of Ecomonics, leadership training (2009)

                                                          Customer Centric Selling and Sales Management (2008)

                                                          Solution Selling – complex sales, Lindgren & partners (2007)

                                                          Negotiation training. Focus Consulting (2007)

                                                          Sales training – prospecting and sales chart, EQP (2006)

                                                          Sales Managers training - EQP (2005)

                                                          Sales training (2004)

Sales training (2001 & 2002)

PROPS - management of large projects. Ericsson (2000)

PPS – A Guide to Professional Project Management. TietoEnator (2000)

                             ITIL, IT service management (1999)
                                                          CMM, development management (1999)

                             Negotiation training (1998)

                             Labor Law (1998)

                             Personal development program. Integro (from 1997 to 98)

                             Management/Leadership training program. IKEA (from 1996 to 97)

                             LOGIC method - a steering methodology (1995)

                             Project management training (1991, 1995)


CURRICULAR ACHIEVEMENTS     Straight top grades in the four year MBA program. (link to transcript)

                                                          Graduated with a MSc degree among the first five in class.

                                                          Scholarship Award. Top 1st student graduating from gymnasium in Malmö (1987)

                             Scholar award. Top 5th student graduating at Highland High School in USA. (1985) (transcript)


SOCIAL NETWORKS                  Colloquy high IQ society (www.colloquysociety.org) (link to certificate)

                                                          Marknadsföreningen (www.mih.m.se)

                                                          Travellers Club (www.travellers.se)


TESTIMONIALS                          LinkedIn (http://se.linkedin.com/in/stromolsen)


PRESENTATION                          http://www.slideshare.net/SverreStromOlsen/meet-sverre-strmolsen


LANGUAGES                        Excellent Swedish and English.

Basic German and Norwegian


AGE                                     Born 1967 in Malmö, Sweden


MARITAL STATUS                     Married with 2 children + 2 children of my wife


INTERESTS                                   Family & friends, skiing, windsurfing, nature/ocean, traveling


PERSONAL PROFILE                 Psycholigical Type Indicator (PTI)

Dominant type: ENFP

                                                          Management Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i)

                                                                                       Highest Team Role: Explorer

                                                                                       Second Highest Team Role: Sculptor

3rd: Coach,   4th: Conductor